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Established in 1983, R&R Asphalt has solidified its reputation as a premier construction and maintenance company serving West Bloomfield, MI, and beyond. Our team's decades of experience enhance the performance and lifespan of asphalt and concrete surfaces. Our fleet of state-of-the-art equipment enables us to deliver reliable service consistently. We're so confident about all our asphalt work that we provide a standard one-year warranty to all our clients.

We ensure the highest quality results for our clients. From asphalt driveway sealcoating to parking lot and sidewalk repair, our portfolio showcases our past paving projects. Whether you're a homeowner or a property manager, you can trust us to handle your paving project. Reach out to R&R Asphalt today for a free estimate on any of our services!

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Offering Residential & Commercial Paving Services

Backed by a one-year warranty, our services are reliable and cost-effective. Regardless of your project, our team meets your deadlines without sacrificing quality. We aim to please all our clients with state-of-the-art equipment and regular maintenance. Our services include:

If you need asphalt paving for commercial property or maintenance for your residential driveway, R&R Asphalt is here to assist.

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West Bloomfield, MI Frequently Asked Questions About Asphalt & Concrete


When Do I Need Asphalt Repair Services?

Property owners need to recognize the signs of damaged asphalt. Site conditions like potholes, cracks, standing water, fading, unevenness, or vegetation growth on your asphalt surface. These indicate wear, drainage problems, aging, settling, or underlying damage. Early detection is critical to safety and longevity. Quick repairs can prevent further damage and extend your pavement's lifespan.

What Are Driveway Excavation Services?

Driveway excavation involves removing soil, rocks, and debris to prepare the ground for construction or renovation. This process creates a level surface and ensures proper drainage before laying asphalt or concrete. It may also include shaping the terrain to achieve the desired slope and dimensions. Driveway excavation is essential for groundwork for driveway installation or renovation projects.

Does a Sidewalk Construction or Paving Project Improve My Property's Curb Appeal?

Investing in sidewalk construction increases your property's curb appeal and safety. A well-designed sidewalk adds aesthetic value, providing a clear pedestrian pathway and complementing your home's architecture and landscaping. With increased accessibility and charm, professionally paved sidewalks significantly elevate your property's appeal and value.

Will Pouring New Concrete Eliminate Cracks & Potholes?

Concrete pouring may only partially eliminate cracks and potholes. Proper preparation, like grading and compacting the base, minimizes issues, yet soil movement and heavy traffic may cause cracks over time. Regular maintenance, including sealing and repairing minor cracks, is vital. Our professional techniques, such as a bull float, ensure a smooth surface.

What Does New Concrete Cost?

The average cost of concrete removal and replacement varies based on factors like square footage and project complexity. Larger or more intricate projects incur higher costs due to increased labor, materials, and equipment. Additionally, existing concrete conditions, site accessibility, and necessary preparations affect overall expenses.

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For all your parking lot, road, or driveway repairs, sealcoating, or replacement needs, trust R&R Asphalt, the most reliable team in the paving industry. From minor repairs to large-scale projects, we simplify asphalt and concrete services. With years of experience and the right tools, we deliver quality workmanship to every customer. Contact us today to discuss your paving project, whether installing new concrete driveways or adding control joints to existing surfaces.


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New Commercial Asphalt Parking Lot done by R&R Asphalt

Don’t get steamrolled by subpar sealcoaters claiming to be paving professionals! You know, the ones with a steaming old trailer full of dirty equipment being pulled behind a truck held together by duct tape and wire hangers. We have state of the art equipment, updated fleets, and experienced professionals to ensure that everything on your paving project is up to code and will last for years to come. We pride ourselves on paying close attention to every detail, which gives our clients the highest quality results possible. When you work with us, your job is our first priority. So you can Relax and Rely on R&R to get it done!