Commercial Paving Contractors in Livonia, MI 

Commercial properties such as restaurants, office buildings, and storefronts all require a quality parking lot. R&R Asphalt provides complete asphalt paving services — from excavating old and damaged asphalt to replacing it with newly poured asphalt.

Why Choose Asphalt over Concrete?

Asphalt is more flexible than concrete, allowing it to better endure the seasonal changes in Michigan's weather. Michigan can endure rapid weather shifts — from freezing temperatures to hot and humid within a week. This puts a huge amount of stress on the concrete and causes it to break down. 

However, regularly maintained asphalt can prolong the lifespan of your parking lot or driveway for years! The single biggest factor in getting the longest life out of your asphalt is having an experienced commercial asphalt paving company like R&R Asphalt handle the job from beginning to end.

Reduce Your Liability and Potential for a Lawsuit

Deteriorating asphalt can pose a safety hazard to anyone walking or driving on it. When asphalt cracks, water is able to work its way below it, causing it to expand and contract. This simple act of nature is the number one cause of asphalt erosion.

Instead of risking a lawsuit because someone is injured or a car is damaged due to your aging pavement, be proactive and contact us today! We will fill in cracks, sealcoat, or resurface your asphalt parking lot, road, or driveway. This simple, cost-effective process will save you a gigantic headache and money by helping you avoid a lawsuit later down the road. 

Parking Lot Paving and Repairs for Livonia Businesses

Since 1983, local Livonia businesses have been looking to R&R Asphalt for parking lot paving and repairs. Our commercial asphalt paving services are not only long-lasting and visually appealing, but they come with a free estimate! We offer new parking lot installation as well as existing parking lot repairs.

From resurfacing and crack sealing, to entire parking lot overhauls and line striping services, we are a full-service asphalt paving and maintenance company. Having a smooth, high-quality parking lot keeps customers happy and safe. No one wants to be swerving around potholes in a crowded lot.

In order to get your project done quickly and thoroughly, we use only the highest quality materials and keep our vehicles well-maintained. Our professional service and excellent reputation have kept customers happy for over four decades.

Call us or fill out our quick online form today to receive your free estimate and see what R&R Asphalt can do for you! When it comes to an asphalt paving company, we've been Southeast Michigan's top choice for 40 years.

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New Commercial Asphalt Parking Lot done by R&R Asphalt

Don’t get steamrolled by subpar sealcoaters claiming to be paving professionals! You know, the ones with a steaming old trailer full of dirty equipment being pulled behind a truck held together by duct tape and wire hangers. We have state of the art equipment, updated fleets, and experienced professionals to ensure that everything on your paving project is up to code and will last for years to come. We pride ourselves on paying close attention to every detail, which gives our clients the highest quality results possible. When you work with us, your job is our first priority. So you can Relax and Rely on R&R to get it done!